Use Guest Wi-Fi Access to Unlock Business Insight

Transform your Wi-Fi gateway into an interactive experience that rewards both you and your guests. Capture valuable feedback in exchange for access, fostering a connection that goes beyond mere connectivity.


Your Guests' Experience

Interactive & Intuitive

Our innovative survey platform ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience, making Wi-Fi access both simple and entertaining. Designed to be non-intrusive, it turns the moment of connectivity into an engaging interaction that guests love.

How It Works

Infotap simplifies Wi-Fi access through an intuitive and engaging survey process. here’s how we transform a necessary step into an opportunity for both you and your guests:

Guest Connects to Wi-Fi

As soon as your guest selects your network, they’re greeted with a customized, friendly survey interface.

Complete a Quick Survey

Guests answer a few short, engaging questions. Our platform ensures this step is quick, fun, and entirely non-intrusive.

Enjoy Emmediate Access

Upon completeion, guests are instantly connected to the internet, while you gain valuable insights and feedback.