Introducing Infotap Smartforms

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Joseph Wendt

Playful, engaging, and highly adaptive forms that collect a lot of data, FAST.

Infotap Interface

smart·form /smärtfôrm/- (noun) Infotap’s interfaces that are optimized for mobile devices that look and feel like games. Capturing up to 10+ questions in less than 60 seconds.

Infotap builds survey tools that are revolutionizing the market research industry. Our flagship product, the Infotap Smartforms, are surveys that look and feel like games. These form designs are proven to engage & sustain attention.

While current feedback surveys take ~8 minutes to complete, Infotap can capture the same amount of data in under 60 seconds. Infotap survey tools are a smarter & better way to survey. Our gamified approach sustains consumer attention and increases survey response rates by at least ~10X.

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